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This is an approved fanlisting for our great AWAJI YUKIHIRO, the japanese skillfull drummer of L'Arc~en~Ciel. If you love and admire this guy like I do, read the rules and join to this fanlisting! How to navigate? You don't need to know how, it's all below. Enjoy!

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AWAJI YUKIHIRO. He was born on 24 November 1968 in Chiba. After having played with other rock-bands (Zi:Kill and Die in Cries), he officially became the drummer of the japanese rock-band L'Arc~en~Ciel in 1998, when the ex-drummer Sakura was forced to leave them. He wrote the music of a lot of beautiful songs for this band, such as Get out from the shell, Cradle, Larva, A swell in the sun, Trick and others more, from which we can understand his interesting for electric and rough sounds.
Besides, in so many years Yukihiro succeded in showing his real skills also in his solo works: under the name of Acid Android he realized three albums (Acid Android, Faults and Purification) and two singles (Ring the noise and Let's dance).
I think Yukihiro is one of the most skillfull drummers of the jrock scenary. He seems a very quiet person, serious and nice at the same. I like very much his songs because they are made by aggressive rythms, rough noises and electric sounds. Quiet and strong at the same, his works can penetrate your skin and make you float in a dark, empty space which protects you by everything bad existing in the real world. Sometimes you seem to be in a dark and silent cradle and sometimes you have the feel to be in a storm which drags you away. He's a turbulence.
If you need more information about Yukkie: 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07

THE FANLISTING. I created this fanlisting because the first time I have listened to the first album of Acid Android, I fell in love with Yukihiro's music and I became curious to know how many fans of "Yukkie" are out there in the world. The name of this fanlisting is In the Cradle. It has been retaken by one of my favorite songs by L'Arc~en~Ciel, the dreaming Cradle, for which Yukihiro wrote the music.
I hope that a lot of people will submit to this fanlisting, in spite of the fact that in the world wide web there are no solo websites dedicated to Yukihiro and Acid Android.
Finally, everything here is a creation by ZAN, a mad italian girl who loves Japan and japanese music. I'm not a very particular or interesting person but if you would like to know something more about me, please give a look to my domain AMNIOTIC DREAM or feel free to send me an e-mail (I can speak italian, english and a few of japanese and chinese).

Stay inside you in safe water...

Well, I begin to say that I am very serious with this fanlisting. I would have prefered to write no rules but they are necessary for a good working of a fanlisting, so please try to READ and to RESPECT them!

Most important!
Of course, you must be a fan of Awaji Yukihiro's personality and skills. So, you must do more than just drool over him, ok?

Provided information!
Remember that you have to send all the required information, marked with *. It is not important if you put nothing in the form "Say anything", but please complete the other information. Real names and serious nicknames can be used for the submition, but nothing like "iloveyukkie" or "gf3tgdf". I won't edit your nickname if it is something like that but, please, try to be serious with this. Please, don't apply thousands time your information. One it's enough and if you change url or e-mail let me know it by e-mailing me.

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