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History //

Oblivion Dust started their career in 1996. They began to make concerts in Tokyo and to publish singles such as Sucker amd Numb, until they realised their great first album Looking for Elvis. Their success grew more and more with the passing of time and they also succeded in having some concerts in Los Angeles (USA).
But the real history of this band began when in 1998 Kaz, Rijiki and Furuton joined officially to it. They conquered Japan with their second album Misery Days and their singles Therapy and Blurred and became important on the internationational music scenery, gaining the possibility to play some concerts with other artists like Marilyn Manson in the Beautiful Monster Tour.
Between 1999 and 2000 they realised a lot of very good singles and in 2000 an official fanclub for them called Embryo opened.
Thanks to their success, Oblivion Dust also collaborated to Mission Impossible 2 soundtrack with the song titled S.o.S and had other important lives like the one at the Summer Sonic 2000 in Osaka, where they had a performance in front of an audience of about 12,000 people.
But, unluckly, at the end of 2000, things turned bad for Oblivion Dust... Rijiki left the band and they replaced him with the live bassist Juken. Besides, they also decided to make the live second guitarist supporter, Masaru, officially joined the band at the beginning of 2001. But this was not very useless to let them continuing with their career, because on June 30th 2001 Oblivion Dust officially disbanded.