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This page wants to be a collection of my websites and pages, but you should know that in these long five years I opened and then closed a lot of sites. Just in case you are wondering about it... yes, my interests dramatically keeps on changing. So if you pass here after some time and you don't see your favourite website listed here anymore it means I decided to close it. Sorry, but you can yell at me by e-mailing me for this. =3


boring me, myself and I


mind's flying to music obsessions

  • Grace ~ Kitamura Ken's fanlisting // hiatus
  • In the Cradle ~ Awaji Yukihiro's fanlisting // hiatus
  • Oblivion ~ small tribute to japanese band Oblivion Dust // updated
  • Romanesque ~ fansite for japanese band BUCK-TICK // updated
  • Subliminal Vision ~ best italian fansite for japanese band Dir en grey // hiatus
  • Black Tears ~ small tribute to japanese band La:Sadie's // hiatus
  • The Lyrical Smoker ~ fansite for japanese guitarist Kitamura Ken // updated


roaming hours in a wide library

  • mu=600x[d] ~ japanese and chinese songs translations // updated


wishy-washy helping people out there

  • Arashi for dream ~ first italian Arashi fans community // updated
  • ~ italian community for asian cinema & dramas // updated
  • Doramiste Anonime ~ asian dramas & movies italian subtitles // updated
  • Rakuen ~ italian fansite for Kiyoharu, Sads & Kuroyume // hiatus