studying history for tests

I bought this domain from Aruba on March 2005, 31st. I wished for a long time a whole domain just for me and in the end I decided to buy it.
The name of this domain has been inspired by a song by Acid Android titled Amniotic, a song I love. Besides, I think that the expression amniotic dream inspires a sense of safety and it makes people think about a place where you can stay in peace and where you can take refuge in. It was original and poetic too, so... here it is. =3


boring stories about an other person

zan is a 25 years old italian 'girl' who likes to waste time with a foolish passion for asian languages and cultures. She is quite responsible, friendly, hardworker, loyal and nice... but she believes that saying what she really thinks to the other people is the best thing to do even if it can upset some of them. She has a strong sense of justice, meticoulous sense of organization and a strong faith in her family. She daysleeps about becoming a professional translator or web designer in the close future and she is trying to study and prepare for this. She also left her heart in Taiwan and her mind on the south coast of that wonderful country... want to go there again! =3


arts of drawing always catch some holes

You're visiting the 5th version of this personal domain. Graphics and HTML/PHP coding were all created by me with Adobe Photoshop CS3 and HTMLPad 2010 Pro. For this layout I used a very simple design which I tried to enrich working more on the CSS code than on graphic effects as usual.

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