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You have just entered in the amniotic dream of a daysleeper and you're guest no. . This is zan's small domain, a place where she uses to collect all her works and a certain amount of other stupid things she likes. If you happen to stumble here, please remember that almost everything has been made by her own hands, so don't take and don't copy anything without permission. You're visiting the 5th version of this domain, if you want to check out more information about it, you can give a look to layout section, while if you want to know more about something else or if you have something to ask you can try to contact the webmistress directly filling the form below. Enjoy~

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i've been sleeping for a while

Hello~ I'm finally back again!
Since in the last few weeks I've been attending a professional advanced course of graphics and web design, I decided to show you how I improved my skills and my logic in web development making a new layout for the domain. I also revolutioned some other things: I changed everything to php and I totally erased some old websites I'm not interested in keeping online anymore. I hope you won't be upset for that and that you'll enjoy the new dress of my website. See you~ =3

Posted by zan on 07.14.2010, at 19:45.